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Plans & Development

SolTrans’ Staff are continually receiving input from passengers, bus operators, community groups and local agencies.  This input helps to direct our research and analysis of bus routes.  To better understand how our planning process works, we have described a typical route analysis below.

Once a service challenge is identified, Staff members ride the bus route being analyzed and collect data by field surveying, counting passengers, assessing the route’s travel time, measuring distances, timing traffic delays, and speaking with passengers and bus operators.  In addition, electronic data from the AVL and fare collection systems is reviewed. Staff then combines all this information to develop an initial analysis of the problem, and propose a solution.

At this point, the refinement period begins, and the initial proposal is adjusted and solidified.  If the needed changes are significant, Staff will seek official public comments regarding the proposed changes.  Input from the public is vital to Staff in determining how best to structure the route, and how each proposed change will affect passengers. Each public comment received is recorded and reviewed by SolTrans’ Planning Staff.  Although all requests may not be accommodated, all requests will be considered and are appreciated.

While public comments are being submitted, Staff may seek input from the SolTrans Public and Technical Advisory Committees, and the SolTrans Board of Directors.

After Staff has honed their proposal, a decision will be made as to whether a new official public comment period is needed.  If so, the refinement period begins again.  If not, final approval from relevant agencies is obtained, and the proposal is communicated to the public, before being implemented.  Once a schedule or routing change has taken place, Staff continues to observe the route in order to determine whether or not the process has been successful, or if further changes are needed.

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