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Service Alert: Fairfield Transportation Center

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How to Ride

How to Read the Bus Schedule

Each route has a schedule that is a table with columns made of timepoints (major or frequently used stops along the route) and rows made from each schedule trip a route performs. Read the schedule from left to right.

There is also an accompanying route map that highlights timepoints and other destinations along the path of the route for reference. To know when you should arrive at a destination that is between the listed time points, use the timepoint before your stop.

Looking for a Bus Schedule?  Check out the Transit App or visit our Ticket Offices at 311 Sacramento Street or 1850 Broadway Street, Vallejo. Schedules are also available on our website.

SolTrans Holiday Schedule

Transferring within SolTrans’ Service Area

SolTrans does not provide same-day transfers. If you are transferring from one SolTrans route to another, you will need to pay an additional cash fare or utilize a Day, 10-Ride, or 31-Day Pass.

Transferring outside of SolTrans’ Service Area

SolTrans provides opportunities to connect with other transit agencies at several major transit hubs, including Dixon Park and Ride, Vacaville Transportation Center, Fairfield Transportation Center, Suisun-Fairfield Amtrak, Sereno Transit Center, Vallejo Transit Center, Vallejo Ferry Terminal, Curtola Park & Ride, Benicia City Park, El Cerrito Del Norte BART, Walnut Creek BART and the San Francisco Ferry Building.

Fixed-Route Riders Guide

For more detailed information on how to ride the bus, please read the SolTrans Riders Guide:


To better enable us to serve you in arriving at your destination on time, please have the proper fare and valid identification ready upon boarding. Complete description of SolTrans’ fare structure, discounts, promotions, ticket retailers, and various ways to pay are available on the Fares pages or just click the Fares menu at the top of any page.

Individuals with Disabilities

If you have a disability, please visit our Accessibility pages for more information on how to ride the bus or just click the Accessibility menu at the top of any page.

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