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July 04, 2019

New Service Changes Got You Confused?

Mandi Renshaw

Vallejo Transit Center
Photo by Joel Williams

We are excited about the new service changes that took effect on June 30th and hope that most riders have adjusted easily. However, we know that some riders still have burning questions about these changes and want more information regarding them so we have created this quick guide to answer the most asked questions. This FAQ may be updated throughout the next week as we get more questions, so please feel free to check back often for your convenience!

Why were these service changes implemented?

The consolidation of Route 80 and 85 into the new Red Line was part of the second phase of the SolanoExpress Corridor Study. Most of the changes to the local routes were made based on the final recommendations of the 2018 Comprehensive Operational Analysis (COA) and some additional changes were made to increase efficiency and simplify service.

Where can I find a printed service guide that shows all routes?

A full, printed service guide will be made available in September 2019, when Phase II of the COA extends the evening hours on the local routes. For the time being we recommend using the “Plan My Trip” feature on or entering directions into Google Maps.

When does the Red Line depart from/arrive at Sereno Transit Center?

On the Red Line printed schedule, there is an asterisk next to some Vallejo Transit Center (VTC) time points that indicates that the Southbound Red Line will serve Sereno Transit Center (STC) before that time and the Northbound Red Line will serve it after that time, however those exact STC time points are not printed.

Again, we recommend that you use the SolTrans Plan My Trip feature or Google Maps to plan your trip in order to find out the times the Red Line serves STC.

Does Route 8 run on Sunday?

No, Route 8 does not run on Sunday, this is an error on the front cover of the printed schedule. However, everything else on the schedule is correct.

Which bay will my bus arrive at?

Bus bay assignments for Vallejo Transit Center, Sereno Transit Center and Curtola Park and Ride are available in these diagrams.

What happened to Route 7? What are Routes 7A and 7B?

Route 7 has been split into two, bidirectional routes, Route 7A (clockwise) and 7B (counterclockwise) which serve similar stops. This change was made to better meet service demands.

What happened to Routes 80 and 85? What is the new Red Line?

Routes 80 and 85 have been consolidated into the new Red Line which provides service between Vallejo Transit Center, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, El Cerrito del Norte BART and Suisun City.

Why is the Solano Community College (Fairfield) stop further away?

The stop was moved as part of a Solano Transportation Authority (STA) initiative to provide safer, faster, and more effective service to Solano Community College.

What is happening with Route 20?

The Route 20 will be discontinued in Fall 2019 and will be replaced by the subsidized Lyft program. There will be more information provided as we approach the yet to be announced effective date of this change. However, a transition period between the two programs will occur, such that both services will be running concurrently to allow riders to ease into the Lyft program. We will notify the public when we have a more concrete time frame for this change.

What is the subsidized Lyft program?

The subsidized Lyft program will be replacing the Route 20 and will provide discounted rides in Benicia to seniors, individuals with disabilities, military and low-income and to commuters to/from qualified locations in Vallejo. We will be releasing more information about this program in the coming months, so please stay tuned.

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