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Can I purchase daily permits in advance?
-No, daily permits should be purchased after you park your car to ensure a space is available.
Do I have to pay for parking on the weekend?
-Yes, parking is enforced seven days a week.
When can I purchase a Monthly Permit?
-Monthly Permits can be purchased on the 1st of each month. Any purchases made after the 1st will be prorated.
Do I have to display a tag or receipt?
-No. Passes and permits are associated with a license plate number of the vehicle parking in the lot.
I don’t have a license plate, what do I do?
-If you do not have a license plate, you must enter the last seven digits of your VIN.
I’ve registered multiple cars for my Monthly Pass, how does that work?
-A maximum of three vehicles can be registered under your account. Only one vehicle at a time may be parked using a monthly permit. If more than one vehicle with the same Monthly Permit is parked, one or both of the vehicles may get ticketed.
I received a parking ticket today even though I have a valid permit. How do I get the ticket removed?
-Permit holders that believe they have mistakenly received a ticket should call SP+ Municipal Services at (844) 487-2476 or email The request for an initial review must be made within 10 days of when the citation was created.
How do I manage my Monthly Permit Account?
-Please review the information in the Passport Parking FAQs. This includes how to login, updating payment information, changing valid license plates, and signing up for automatic payments.
Do I have to pay additional fees to use the Electric Vehicle charging Stations? Are there time limits?
Yes, in addition to parking fees it is a $1.25 per hour until charge is complete.Will there be security on-site?
-Yes, security will be on-site from 7am – 7pm, Monday through Friday. There is 24/7 security camera surveillance on site. Also, SP+ will have staff managing the site from 4am – 8pm M-F.
Who is SP+?
-SP+ is a diverse provider of professional parking, facility maintenance and event logistics services. They will be providing management services for the site and providing parking and maintenance ambassadors.
I want to purchase a monthly pass, but I do not have internet access or a debit/credit card. What can I do?
-At this time, we are only accepting debit and credit card payments.

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