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Can I purchase daily permits in advance?
No, daily permits should be purchased after you park your car to ensure a space is available.

Do I have to pay for parking on the weekend?
Yes, parking is enforced seven days a week.

When can I purchase a Monthly Permit?
Monthly Permits can be purchased on the 1st of each month. Any purchases made after the 1st will be prorated.

Do I have to display a tag or receipt?
No. Passes and permits are associated with a license plate number of the vehicle parking in the lot.

I don’t have a license plate, what do I do?
If you do not have a license plate, you must enter the last seven digits of your VIN.

I’ve registered multiple cars for my Monthly Pass, how does that work?
A maximum of three vehicles can be registered under your account. Only one vehicle at a time may be parked using a monthly permit. If more than one vehicle with the same Monthly Permit is parked, one or both of the vehicles may get ticketed.

I received a parking ticket today even though I have a valid permit. How do I get the ticket removed?
Permit holders that believe they have mistakenly received a ticket should call SP+ Municipal Services at (844) 487-2476 or email The request for an initial review must be made within 10 days of when the citation was created.

How do I manage my Monthly Permit Account?
Please review the information in the Passport Parking FAQs. This includes how to login, updating payment information, changing valid license plates, and signing up for automatic payments.

Do I have to pay additional fees to use the Electric Vehicle charging Stations? Are there time limits?
Yes, in addition to parking fees it is a $1.25 per hour until charge is complete.

Will there be security on-site?
Yes, security will be on-site from 7am – 7pm, Monday through Friday. There is 24/7 security camera surveillance on site. Also, SP+ will have staff managing the site from 4am – 8pm M-F.

Who is SP+?
SP+ is a diverse provider of professional parking, facility maintenance and event logistics services. They will be providing management services for the site and providing parking and maintenance ambassadors.

I want to purchase a monthly pass, but I do not have internet access or a debit/credit card. What can I do?
At this time, we are only accepting debit and credit card payments.

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