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How can I pay for my bus fare?

Does the driver carry change?
– No, SolTrans operators do not carry change. You much have exact change available when boarding the bus.

Where can I purchase SolTrans’ passes?


Questions about Clipper and COVID-19

How to use a Clipper Card?

Are there Clipper Discount Cards?

How do you get a Youth/Senior Clipper Card for persons 65+?

How do I get a Regional Transit Connection (RTC) Clipper Card for persons under 65 with qualifying disabilities?|

Token Transit

What is token transit?
-Token Transit is a mobile ticketing app that lets you pay for and ride public transit with your phone. We partner with transit agencies across the country to offer fare payment for your public transit agency in our app. With the Token Transit app, you purchase, activate and board using just your phone. All of your passes are stored in the cloud, and retrievable on any mobile device.

Install token transit

How do I ride with token transit?

Can I use token transit?

Can I ride without an internet connection?

Can I connect, link, or use my existing bus pass with the token transit app and use it on my phone?

Is my phone supported?

Whatservices does the token transit app require?

Can multiple people board using a single phone?

When do I need an internet connection?

What if my battery dies while my pass is active?

How do I know if my pass is active?
-Active passes will be displayed under “passes in use,” which immediately appears when the Token Transit app is opened. They display a “time left” section with time remaining until the pass expires. Passes that have not been activated yet will be displayed under “stored passes,” and can be stored as long as you like.

Can I see my expired passes?

How do I select my agency?

Can I use an existing pass I have with token transit?

How do I access my account?
-Your account is tied to the phone number that you first used to log into the Token Transit app. You will receive an SMS message to verify your phone number when you log in.
If you lost access to your phone number and would like to access previously purchased passes, contact us.

I have a new phone number, how do I transfer my passes?

How do I send passes to other accounts?

Why was my account suspended?

How do I change my current agency?

Low battery

What happens if I lose my phone?

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