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COA: Proposed Route & Service Changes (Comment Period Concluded)


Public Comment Period was closed at the Public Hearing at the March 21, 2019 SolTrans Board Meeting. Meeting agenda can be found here

A summary of approved route, schedule and service changes will be posted in spring 2019.

FROM JANUARY 21, 2019 – MARCH 21, 2019

We need everyone’s input on the recommended changes for the COA, as outlined in the Memorandum: Initial COA Recommendations. The Recommended Plan has been summarized below by proposed route changes, with an additional section for proposed overall service changes. Please either leave a comment on the appropriate map page links below or visit the Proposed Local Route Changes (COA Public Comment) Map page to review and provide comment on all of the proposed route and additional proposed service changes. (Note that there are no route revisions proposed for the Routes 4, 5, 15, 17 or 38.)

SolTrans staff will be hosting various meetings and getting out on the bus during the public comment period. Please visit the Plans and Development page for all our COA: Proposed Route and Service Change events. Please also visit the COA: Frequently Asked Questions page to get answers to questions that many folks have already asked.


  • bus every 30 minutes
  • northern portion of Route 1 moving from Broadway St. to Sonoma Blvd.
  • provide bus every 15 minutes on new northern Sonoma Blvd. (in coordination with the Revised Route 2)


  • bus every 30 minutes
  • north-west portion of Route 2 moving onto Sonoma Blvd
  • provide bus every 15 minutes on new portion of Sonoma Blvd. (in coordination with the Revised Route 1)
  • streamlined to remove poorly-designed, one-way segment in Northeast Vallejo (to shorten inbound trip timeframe from 56 min to 30 min)
  • connections to Gateway Plaza via Revised Route 7


  • bus every 30 minutes
  • streamlined by moving Glen Cove Parkway portion to the Revised Route 8


  • bus every 60 minutes
  • extended service area of route to include Ascot Parkway and eastern portion of Georgia St.


  • bus every 30 minutes in both the clockwise and counter-clockwise directions (bidirectional)
  • provides new east-west connection in northern Vallejo
  • allows for connections to all other local routes in several areas (downtown, Sereno Transit Center, Kaiser, Gateway Plaza, Solano Community College and Springs Road)


  • bus every 60 minutes
  • revised poor route-design by removing Ascot Parkway/Georgia and adding Glen Cove Parkway


  • discontinue poorly performing and extremely unproductive Route 20 and General Public Dial-A-Ride*
  • replace Route 20 with subsidized-Lyft/Taxi Service within Benicia
  • replace General Public Dial-A-Ride with subsidized-Lyft/Taxi Service within Benicia

*See Memorandum: Initial COA Recommendations for additional options and supporting data for Route 20/General Public Dial-A-Ride discontinuation.


  • extend all weekday service hours to 9 PM on all local routes (school-trippers excluded)
  • provide consistent hourly service on Route 2  and Route 7 on Saturdays
  • provide consistent hourly service on Route 1 and 7 on Sundays

Revised Local Improvement Proposals

Revised Local Improvement Proposals Espanol

Printable Current and Proposed Service Route Map

For any SolanoExpress changes (Routes 80, 85 and Yellow Line), please visit the SolanoExpress Corridor Study page.

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