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July 16, 2019

Say Cheese!

Mandi Renshaw

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A woman ready to take a photo with her Nikon camera

Pictures are a big aspect of daily life since they make memories last forever. They allow us to express our artistic sides and provide content for our social media and photo albums. Since our phones are equipped with cameras that are available to us at our disposal, there’s no excuse to hold back on photographing all the beautiful things in life. If you wish to take a snapshot of yourself through selfies, your loved ones at their happiest moments, delicious food, or beautiful landscapes, you’ll need an optimal destination and a convenient form of transportation. Get your cameras ready, sit back, and let us take you to some of the popular, yet engaging spots around Benicia and Vallejo.

Did you know? One of the earliest popular photographic techniques, known as the daguerreotype, was invented in 1839.

The Yellow Line takes you straight to Benicia where there are a variety of locations to take quality pictures. Benicia City Park is home to a beautiful gazebo that is perfect for all photographic purposes. We personally know many residents who have taken their homecoming, prom, and wedding pictures inside of this small shed and it’s easy to see why.

Image result for benicia park gazebo
The iconic Benicia gazebo
Source: Pinterest

If we stroll through downtown further, we eventually hit First Street Cafe and Farm and Flour, two eateries that offer delicious, yet aesthetically pleasing food that is waiting to be shared with friends on Instagram. First Street Cafe radiates a rustic atmosphere whereas Farm and Flour is far more contemporary and minimalist; take your shot because both spots are equally charming. 

Photo of Farm and Flour - Benicia, CA, United States. Avocado toast, vegan doughnuts and States Coffee
An assortment of brunch pastries at Farm and Flour
Source: Yelp

There are other places suitable for photoshoots that can be found in Vallejo as well. Ride Route 5 and stop by Vallejo’s favorite burger joint, Bud’s Burgers. At Bud’s you can find flavorful, yet photogenic burgers that will undoubtedly leave you in a food coma for the rest of the day. The local landmark grinds their own meat for patties and cuts their own potatoes for deliciousness that you can savor and juicy content you can capture. 

Photo of Bud's Burgers - Vallejo, CA, United States
The famous Bud’s Burgers sign
Source: Yelp

All food aside, there are iconic murals that can be found around Vallejo Transit Center in downtown. Portraying a sense of community and filled with meaning, the murals speak for themselves to add a unique, yet artistic touch to your shots. The distinctiveness of each piece lies within the variations of contrast and color from a multitude of angles, meaning that every picture that you take will be different from any other that anyone else has taken.

One of the numerous downtown murals on the corner of Sacramento & Georgia Street

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