July 25, 2019

SolFam Stories: Darneisha

A far shot of the Seattle Space Needle
Source: nationalreview.com

SolFam Stories is a recurring series that will highlight the stories of residents, riders, and SolTrans employees. These articles will serve as an insightful way for you to keep in touch with the community and matters that surround transit. Keep an eye out for the next article!

Tell us a little about yourself. 

My name is Darneisha and I’m 28 years-old. I’m originally from Seattle, Washington but currently live in Vallejo. I lived in Seattle for about 19 years before moving to California and I’ve been around here since. 

How long have you been riding with SolTrans?

I’ve been using SolTrans for 8 years now, almost equal to the amount of time that I’ve spent living here. One main difference that I can speak on between SolTrans and the transportation in Seattle was that it was very fast paced over there. Buses came more frequently, there was more service, and they were quick. Also, since there’s plenty of businesses and top companies in the ciy now, it makes sense for them to have more transportation available to daily commuters. Seattle is a bigger area to cover compared to Vallejo so it’s understandable that they have more options for commuting. They basically have to accommodate more people too. Overall, the changes coming here were something that I needed to get used to and it didn’t take long before I did. 

Fun Fact: According to the Western Regional Climate Center (WRRC) , the lowest temperature ever recorded in Seattle was a frosty 0 degrees Fahrenheit, or -17 degrees Celsius!

Which routes do you use the most often?

I usually use Route 1 to get down the street from my house and to make my way around Vallejo in general, especially through nearby places like the Vallejo Plaza Shopping Center. I also use the 80, or what’s now called the Red Line, to get to El Cerrito Del Norte BART and to meet with people on specific days. I personally like the new buses and enjoy being in them, especially the Express buses. They’re very luxurious to me since the seats are comfortable. I can charge my phone and most of all I feel safe while I make my way to the place I need to get to. 

What’s one part of SolTrans that you would want to see improve and something that you like/enjoy?

I feel that SolTrans could benefit in having frequent bus service like the type of service I had experienced in Seattle and maybe have more bus stops for the sake of convenience. But overall, the bus drivers are probably the nicest part of SolTrans. They’re very friendly and it shows that they care about the community when they interact with riders who get on. They really do look out for the people of Vallejo and it shows that they care about the work that they do in providing good service to their passengers.

Finally, where would be your dream vacation?

My dream vacation would probably have to be in Las Vegas, Nevada. I’ve always wanted to go since I’ve never been out there before! I’d probably be a typical tourist without any specific places to go to first, but Vegas for sure.  

Be sure to be on the lookout around Vallejo Transit Center where our summer interns may be in the field looking for someone to interview. You might even get a free day pass for chatting with them and sharing your own story. Stay tuned for more installments!

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