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July 09, 2019

Next Stop: Springstowne Shopping Center on Route 7A and 7B

Mandi Renshaw

Island Pacific, one of the two major Asian supermarkets in Vallejo

Next Stop is a series that focuses on activities, eateries and shopping locations near SolTrans bus stops throughout Vallejo and Benicia and will have semi-weekly installments throughout the summer. In case you missed it, here’s the previous ‘Next Stop’ article featuring Gateway Plaza.

At our last stop, we visited Gateway Plaza and looked at all of the possibilities for leisure and dining. If any of those options didn’t appeal to you or if you’re looking for something different, look no further because we’ve got you covered! If we take route 7A or 7B around Vallejo, we can make a stop along Springs and Oakwood. 

Here we’ll find the Springstowne Shopping Center, a bustling area home to a variety of eateries that is a short walk away from Springstowne Library, one of the two libraries in Vallejo. In an area with several fulfilling Asian cuisine options and nearby fast food places, it’ll be hard for anyone to leave hungry. One of our SolTrans employees has lived near the shopping center for about 8 years, so he knows where all the cheap, yet best local food is at. Here are some of his recommendations for a meal, quick snack, and anything else in between:

  • Combo Express (Chinese): The combo plates get filled to the brim with any two entrees of your choosing and either rice, chow mein, or both. Some local favorites include salt and pepper chicken and barbeque chicken. All for around 8 bucks, tops!
  • Bulacan Bakery (Filipino): Savory empanadas make this place unique from any other bakeries that you’ve probably been to. The empanada options of chicken or beef both go for 2 bucks and some change, but it’s worth it for keeping you full for a while. Believe us – it’s fulfilling, cheap, and will have you coming back for seconds. 
  • Pho Lee Hoa Phat III (Vietnamese): For a little over 9 dollars, you can get a meal that can last you both lunch and dinner. Most regulars order #38, a plate that includes a huge slab of marinated pork chop, 2 fried chicken wings, an egg roll, and a generous portion of white rice. You can’t go wrong with this one no matter how many times you’ve had it!

Still not feeling any of these options? No worries, you can make a quick grocery run to Island Pacific Supermarket to get ingredients for other creative, but tasty Asian dishes

After a day of eating, you may find yourself in a food coma and ready to relax. If so, stop by the Springstowne Library where you’ll be able to sit, read, or browse the web. They have a wide selection and assortment of books for all ages, so you’ll be sure to get something that interests you. Along with cold AC running all summer, the library offers a quiet environment which makes it an ideal place to rest before waiting for your next bus!

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