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August 26, 2021

Meet the Artist: Leo Rodas

Robert Briseno

Leo Rodas Source: Robert Briseno BB&B Business Group

Leo Rodas

Mosaic Medallions

Beautiful Vallejo

A native of Guatemala, Leo Rodas, and his family immigrated to the United States in 1971, when he was just 13 years old. He and his family settled in San Francisco, where he finished school. Leo’s love for art began long before he moved to the United States. His mother was a fashion designer and his father enjoyed art as a hobby, thanks to the two of them he developed his own love of drawing and art expression in general and paved his path to becoming a full-time artist.

While always an artist at heart, Leo also realized that it’s a challenging career to make a living,  so he spent 40 years working in communications and technology based in Silicon Valley, but allowed him the ability to travel around the world and expand his love for art through different cultures and media. Thanks to the encouragement from his children and friends to continue with his passion and creating pieces more as a hobby in his spare time. In 2001 he moved to Vallejo where over time he became involved in the rising art community within the city and revived his love for art.

With the community of Vallejo as his inspiration, Leo made the decision to become a full-time artist in 2018, he even opening a small art gallery for his work on Georgia Street in downtown Vallejo. Unfortunately, like many small businesses, his art gallery did not survive the pandemic, but his passion for art did and is thriving. 

Leo is responsible for the creation of the two mosaic medallions, which are rightly named “Beautiful Vallejo”, installed in the sculpture garden as part of the new Public Art Installation a the Vallejo Transit Center. The piece can be found on the planter that is adjacent to Sacramento Street. The medallions represent Leo’s view of the city of Vallejo with water, boats, a bridge, and the San Francisco skyline in the distance backed by the setting sun. Leo explained that all themes invoke a feeling of love and admiration within him of the city he now calls home. There are 24 hands surrounding the piece, which represent the 24 hours in a day – the amount of time his art is now on display for everyone to enjoy.

In addition to enjoying the mosaic medallions he created, you can see more of Leo’s work on Instagram at Ljrart9 or Facebook at leo.rodas.3154.

Thank you Leo for your time, skills, and love for the City of Vallejo, which is very present in your piece.

Source: Robert Briseno BB&B Business Group
Source: Robert Briseno BB&B Business Group
Source: Robert Briseno BB&B Business Group

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