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March 22, 2021

Healthy Transit: Disinfected & Sanitized Buses

Mandi Renshaw

Onboard air is replaced every 72 seconds

SolTrans is committed to the following policies and practices to build our passengers trust. We begin our journey to healthy transportation with a disinfected and sanitized bus. Our maintenance team works daily to ensure the new safety procedures are followed and safe buses are on the road.

We provide a service people depend on and we take great pride in providing a service that is clean and safe. Part of SolTrans’ mission statement includes providing safe transportation to our community. SolTrans began the daily cleaning and disinfecting of our buses as the pandemic became a sad part of our daily lives. This daily cleaning partnered with mandatory masks and social distancing will ensure we provide a safe and welcoming ride for our riders, visitors and the greater community.

SolTrans Safety Officer and General Services Manager Pat Carr

SolTrans has enhanced cleaning efforts based on Centers for Disease Control recommendations and industry best practices.

SolTrans buses, Paratransit vehicles and transit centers are cleaned every day, and frequently touched surfaces are disinfected multiple times throughout the day.

SolTrans buses go though a full bus disinfecting fogging three times a week.

Air filtration has an important role in preventing transmission, along with vigilant mask-wearing. SolTrans has upgraded their air filters onboard the buses and filters are replaced more often.

Maintenance staff sanitizing high touch surfaces.
Maintenance Techs fog buses multiple times a week
Staff disinfect farebox
Supervisor disinfect high touch points throughout the day
Operator disinfects handrails

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